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Advanced Control Corp. has been providing viable solutions in green building automation since our founding in 1987. Since that time, we have helped our clients with every aspect of the implementation, integration and running of their intelligent building management systems.

Green building automation has become an important aspect in how companies are run. Whether you have one building or many, ACC can help you control and monitor the mechanical and electrical systems from one centralized location, allowing for simplified and cohesive building management. Intelligent building management systems allow your facilities personnel access to all of your building systems through an easy-to-use graphics interface. All aspects of the building’s mechanical and electronic systems, such as air quality, temperature control, power monitoring and video surveillance, are integrated into one fully automated system for single or multiple buildings. This powerful automation tool can be accessed from any location with internet access, on or off the premises.

Powerful and Scalable: ACC can devise a building management solution that is both powerful in its scope and scalable so that it can be adjusted to fit where your business is now and adapted to suit where your business will be in the future.
Simplicity: By devising comprehensive plans that are both simple and easy to integrate, ACC can help your business remain at the leading edge of your industry.
Connectivity: ACC can help your business function to its full capabilities by ensuring that all of your building operation systems are connected and communicating with all building system networks and your facility personnel.
Communications with Open Systems: The ability of your Building Control System to communicate efficiently and effectively with open systems ensures that your company and your building system maintain the capability to grow as the newest technology and equipment become available now and in the future.
The ability of all facets of your building and personnel to interact with the various systems and building networks is essential for the productivity and health of your business. Open systems communication will allow your business to stay connected and operate at the optimal level of efficiency and cost effectiveness. ACC strives to stay at the leading edge of new technology and works to apply this new technology to the full benefit of its clients.
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Energy Monitoring Solutions

Whether you are in the hospitality or medical industries, or any other form of retail or commercial enterprise, Advanced Control Corp. has the experience and expertise to help you monitor and control your energy usage.
ACC helps clients operate within their budgets by identifying problem areas and helping to correct inefficiencies. By staying up-to-date on the latest in building management technology and employing sub-metering dashboards and other interactive tools, we can provide your business with precise energy usage data in real time.

Out-of-control utilities can cripple an otherwise healthy operation. ACC can help your business gauge the performance of your building and devise solutions to increase performance by lowering unnecessary expenses. We will work to eliminate waste by targeting problem areas in your day-to-day operations. We can recommend energy saving strategies and help implement them so that energy conservation becomes second nature to you and your staff.

Our knowledgeable and experienced support staff will assist you and your personnel in understanding and implementing data so you can successfully monitor all of your power systems across multiple sites, even if they are spread out across the city, state or the country.
ACC can provide your company with the following tools to help monitor your utility usage:
Metering: ACC helps businesses monitor and manage power, whether you own multiple buildings or a single site. Utilizing the latest in energy management software, ACC can analyze and interpret data and provide the information to you in a comprehensive plan that can be quickly adapted to start saving money immediately.
Sub-metering: If your business requires you to manage multiple leased-out properties, ACC can help accurately measure the individual energy consumption of each tenant. We can provide the same service for individual departments within your company.
Dashboards: With ACC’s utility monitoring dashboards, we can provide our clients with easy-to-read interactive dashboards so that your employees can see power usage data in real time and devise effective plans to reduce waste.
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Having a fully integrated building automation system is an invaluable tool in managing a business, whether you operate a single site or manage multiple buildings across several locations. However, this plan is only as good as it is secure. Neglecting to take the necessary steps to implement a safe and effective security strategy puts your entire building management system at risk. This can prove to be a costly oversight
In the Information Age, IT data centers and remote access servers are at risk to hackers who may wish to compromise your operation. Employee theft or tampering and break-ins are another concern. The increase in the use of open protocols, while good for system integration, also poses a significant security risk. ACC has been assisting businesses with their security needs since 1987. We have the knowledge and expertise to devise and implement plans that work and can be easily incorporated into your overall building management system. We can offer a security system that allows for access control, digital video surveillance and intrusion detection.
By implementing security measures such as building access and elevator access control, closed circuit television (CCTV) and CCTV recording solutions, you can reduce risk and prevent loss and damage to property and information. We enable our clients to be in control as they monitor their security in real time with systems that can be accessed remotely. If you have a single site or multiple sites, security can be monitored and controlled from one centralized location. Video analytics can help spot behavior that is out of place and digital recorders are employed to monitor security sensitive areas.
ACC can help your business devise and implement security solutions for all your building automation needs. We can offer you the best practices for operating a secure building management system that is resistant to compromises. Our security solutions are scalable and can be adapted to fit your specific needs, regardless of the industry or the size of your operation.
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Air quality control and monitoring is an important part of a building automation solution. Advanced Control Corp. provides the most efficient and technologically advanced air quality monitoring and control for your building, safeguarding the tenants from potential harm caused by poor air quality. We don’t just provide industry-leading air quality monitoring and control, but superior service to back it up.

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